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Hello, I'm Sebastian...

I am most inspired by photos that are brimming with emotion. Photos that look like your favorite song lyric, reflecting the feeling on those perfectly imperfect days. Like when you both went to the beach and it was suppose to be sunny but it rained and you laughed together while snuggling into their jacket to keep warm, realizing that in their arms is where you feel most at home. There is so much deep beauty in the seemingly ordinary. But really, there is no ordinary. Because when you found him, when you found her, everything changed. Ordinary life transformed into an extraordinary adventure together.

I want to capture this very thing - this adventure you're on, this story you are creating together, hand in hand, side by side.

I'm Sebastian and this is a little about me // my favorite times of the day after a good morning coffee, are walking with my dog ​​and riding my mountain bike // I love traveling the world, discovering other cultures, other ways of life // I'm a fan of American movies, but it must be well done, especially in terms of shooting, light and colorimetry, a good film must be able to immerse me in an atmosphere, exactly what I try to reproduce in photos // I like catering and discovering new well-cooked dishes with obviously a good bottle of French or Italian wine // nature, animals, plants are the real thing emotion that makes my heart beat.

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